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Our site dilates the scientific - educational activity in an realm of noiseproof coding.

In 2004 there was to the public reference book "Noiseproof coding. Methods and algorithms", authors: V.V.Zolotarev and G.V.Ovechkin, publishing house "Hot Line - Telecom", Moscow (site of publishing house: In adition to publishing house, the book can be acquired with the help of authors of the book and this site, in the Internet (see search site:, and also in bookshops of Moscow and large cities of Russia. Other books about multithreshold algorithms will be published soon also. We receive the requests for the publication about MTD methods abroad and for translations of our books on other languages.

We show a new educational cycle consisting of three laboratory jobs on multithreshold decoding. For the purposes of successful learning MTD algorithms for each of these three jobs we have prepared the special interactive programs- movies. Copy the file (, unpack it, read the preliminary instructions and guidelines relating these laboratory jobs, - and you can start fascinating analysis of MTD methods on your computer.

We suggest a presentation of our unique programmatic complex "The Simulator demoversion of digital satellite channels with the best known coding systems". It has set of friend miscellaneous capabilities on formation of many class of transmission channels and means for estimation of different coding methods efficiency. You will manage on your computer in customary conditions independently to evaluate capabilities of extremely useful system for all specialists, the clones of which are absolutely absent! The brief instruction for demoversion of the Simulator is placed here (instruction). Copy the packed file ( with demoversion of the Simulator and estimate convenience and almost instantaneous obtaining with its help indispensable estimations of efficiency of miscellaneous decoding algorithms. If the Simulator approaches you for coding system design, for the estimations of the code characteristics and for specialists training or if we must supplement it by your special coding methods or service functions - write to us! All adaptations we make very fast.

Besides we are ready to read for you a cycle of the survey lectures on new noiseproof coding methods. Four lectures will allow the broad audience of the specialists to understand the latest achievements of the theory and engineering of coding, that then successfully to apply the obtained knowledge for creation modern systems of a high precision data transmission.

You can also copy to your computer and acquaint with capabilities of the superfast software version of MTD algorithm. Take directions for usage this fast MTD, its exe-module and input data file here ( You can compare its throughput and energetic efficiency of MTD to capabilities of other methods.

You can take also the demo program of non-binary (symbolic) multithreshold decoder (QMTD) modeling together with the simple instruction on its usage here: QMTD_demo. After unpacking library in which there are an exe-module, an input file and application instructions, you can investigate opportunities low redundant non-binary MTD at various parameters of the channel and the decoder. We must note, that symbolical MTD are even not at all inventions, they are discoveries. Symbolical MTD is a generalization of majority decoding for non-binary codes of arbitrary length with a code alphabet independent of length.

Anything similar for non-binary codes during a forty-year history of Read-Solomon (RS) codes development was not, whereas necessity for the methods similar QMTD is huge. It is determined by that spheres of application of RS codes are very large, but their characteristics are rather weak and do not provide today's requirements to systems of very reliable processing, transmission and storage for extremely great volumes of the data in huge modern digital specialized bases, for example, in audio, TV and video archives.

Basic last publications on QMTD can be found at the first page "about method" of our web-site. And very big speeds of the symbolical data processing on QMTD base, determined by simplicity realizations of the decoder, you can check up and directly feel with our demo program and your computer help.

We offer you the further expansion of your opportunities on independent comparison of efficiency and complexity of various algorithms of error correction. This time for you the classical decoder of codes of Read-Solomon (RS) is prepared. You can adjust its parameters and compare its opportunities with non-binary MTD on a noise immunity and speed of work. It is necessary to specify, that after the characteristic analysis of usual decoders for RS codes any more it is not required neither discussion, nor creation of any algorithms of Sudan type for these RS codes, as they will be still on 2 - 4 decimal exponents (!!!) slower, and their efficiency will increase in recalculation for input error probability only approximately on 3-15 %. Let us agree, that it is a little. We shall remind, that the presented demo program for non-binary MTD can work with speeds till 5-30 Mbit/s in channels with the greater noise level. It allows seriously to consider, that symbolical MTD - the major discovery in the field of the theory of coding of last 40 years. Read the description of a demo of the packed block RS_demoE, adjust a file of input data - and work!

We offer you demoprogram of Viterbi algorithm. Copy the packed library ( on your computer, unpack it, read through demo instruction, and after adjustment of data in an input file start the demoprogram for codes with code length K=18 or less.

Write to us. Call. e-mail:, mob. tel. in Russia.: +7 916 518 86 28, V.V.Zolotarev; e-mail:, mob. tel. in Russia: +7 920 952 02 26, G.V.Ovchkin.

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Dr. Sc. V.V.Zolotarev (SRI RAS) starts reading a course of the lectures "Modern Methods of Noiseproof Coding with the Characteristics of Optimum Algorithms"
Interesting QMTD demoprogram... new!

The program of the lectures:
The review of modern methods of noiseproof coding
Technology of decoding as a problem of global optimization
Methods of concatenating and non-binary codes for MTD
Methods of MTD developing


The book:
The brief summary and a table of contents of the book «Codes and coding»
The packed book «Codes and coding» But this book exists only in Russian


Other authors about MTD:
Efficiency of the concatenated scheme of coding based on the multithreshold decoder and Hamming codes